About Lee Randell and YHC

Raised in Yuko10304428_665068006910292_4569303818957535549_nn since age of 12, Lee is passionate about health, fitness and helping others.

Lee started in the fitness industry at 17, teaching group fitness classes at Peak Fitness downtown. While attending Medicine Hat College bachelor of Physical Education program, Lee found her passion for personal trainer, fitness instructing and training. At home in the summer of 1996, Lee quickly climbed the ranks at Peak Fitness to assistant manager and her and her partner found themselves an offer to manage the club with an option to buy. They jumped at this opportunity to live what they loved. In the summer of 1999, on their sons first birthday, Peak Fitness burnt to the ground. By Jan of 2001, with now two very young children, they reopened their new club in it’s current location in Riverdale. They ran that business until the spring of 2012, when they sold it to the current owners, Cliff and Erin Schultz, so Lee could grow and pursue health coaching her new found desire to educate the next generation of fitness leaders in the north.

Yukon Health Coaching is the outcome of Lee’s latest endeavors. Offering personal training, health coaching, nutritional guidance, corporate programming, group fitness classes, and certification and continuing education credit courses.

Certified through ACE (American Council on Exercise) and CanFitPro (Canadian Fitness Professionals) Lee has maintained and increased her certification throughout her 22 years in the industry.

If you have any questions as to what Lee can offer you please do not hesitate to contact her at yukonhealthcoaching@gmail.com 

YOUR 2016 Yukon Health Coaching Team! 

adrienne audrey lee canfitpro vancouver 2015

Adrienne Marsh – Lee Randell – Audrey Meyer

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