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PRO TRAINER – Lee Randell 


Training created especially for candidates who work with clients on an individual or small group basis and design exercise programs for improved fitness and health.

The Personal Training Specialist Course is a comprehensive in-class and online course designed to increase your knowledge and confidence level to train clients in a one-on-one or small group (2-3 people) setting. The course consists of self-directed, online, and in-class learning. The online course has been developed to provide an excellent online learning experience that will assist in your understanding and application of topics such as anatomy, biomechanics, and physiology. The in-class course is designed to take all the theoretical knowledge you have acquired through your self-directed and online learning and put it into practice, preparing you for the exams and the career of a Personal Training Specialist.

These courses combine to position the canfitpro PTS as the premier personal training certification in Canada.

Topics include:
  • Aspects of fitness, wellness and basic training principles
  • Nutrition and bioenergetics
  • Cardiorespiratory, skeletal, and muscular system anatomy and function
  • Flexibility, mobility, and fascia
  • Passive and dynamic assessments
  • Periodized program design and delivery
  • The business of personal training


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A demonstration of the leadership, motivation and practical training required for group exercise instructors who wish to train to develop a safe and effective exercise class.

This is a comprehensive 25-hour course that will increase your knowledge and confidence level to lead a group fitness class to music.


Topics include:
  • Aspects of fitness, wellness and basic training principles
  • Fitness theory: skeletal, muscular, neurological, cardiovascular and pulmonary systems
  • Kinesiology/anatomy in action and bioenergetics
  • Components of a fitness class from the warm-up to the cool-down
  • Musicality: phrasing, cueing and appropriate music selection
  • Leadership and motivation skills
  • Special populations and injuries

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The Healthy Eating & Weight Loss Coach program delivers information in a straight forward manner so you can confidently help clients make better choices; more often, lose weight, and lead healthier lives!

Nutrition information is constantly evolving and being able to decipher this information and apply it to fat loss strategies is essential for success. This program will allow you to understand healthy eating, the value of regular activity and ways to reduce body fat. This course will provide excellent strategies and tools for fitness professionals to help them educate others about how to build a healthier body.

This new program features online education, an eManual, and a live course with a PRO TRAINER providing you everything you need to help your clients be successful




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canfitpro is excited to partner with Rescue 7 Inc. to offer CPR and AED training. The purpose of this training is to leave you feeling secure enough to react quickly and effectively in an emergency situation.

The chances are quite good that in your lifetime you will be involved in a situation which will require familiarity with CPR and AED. Our training is designed to be user friendly so that all people, regardless of ability, will gain the confidence necessary to act effectively until trained emergency personnel arrive at the scene.

The reality of an emergency situation is that seconds count. Congratulate yourself that you have decided to become part of a growing number of people who are going to use these precious seconds to make a difference!

CPR & AED courses are accessible, affordable and attainable, designed to provide members of the public with the knowledge and technique that is needed to properly perform CPR in any unforeseen emergency.

Courses are based on accepted international standards and will teach you how to react in an emergency situation; whether it is for work-related purposes or other unforeseen personal emergencies. The CPR & AED courses were developed in accordance with recommendations from International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR) Consensus on Science.


Current canfitpro Yukon Course Dates open for registration: 

Nov 4-6 – PTS Southern Yukon – Fri – Sun 9am-5pm. Teslin Recreation Centre , Teslin Yukon

Nov 12 – HWL Whitehorse Yukon – Sat 9am-6pm. Yukon Health Coaching and Education Studio 14 Boswell Cresc, Whitehorse Yukon

(contact us if you’d like to see one hosted in your area) 





CEC workshops include: 
Basic Fitness TheoryCardiovascular training principlesFunctional Training Principles

Women on Weights

Weight Room Introduction

Shaking and juicing

Healthy Eating Principles

Hormone and Inflammation Control

Coaching in the Outdoors

Flexibility and Mobility Training

Kettlebell Training

Stand Up Paddleboarding

Boga FitMat

Triggerpoint Performance Therapy

and much more!





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The Recreation and Parks Association of the Yukon (RPAY) is proud to support fitness training opportunities for rural Yukon communities